my Mistress X - by slave philip

 I have been sessioning with Mistress Xf the Philly Dominas for several months now.  When I started visiting Her, I was very much a novice, although i had had some exposure to BDSM, and was completely ignorant of the etiquette of engaging a Domme.  i was also rather unsure of my limits, knowing only that i needed to submit to the control of a Dominant Woman who knows what She is doing.  i am grateful to report that Mistress X has shown great patience and good humor as She has seen to my training and growth as a sub--and has delivered some thorough thrashings and rogerings in the process.  i can only recommend Her to any sub, particularly those who like me are just starting out.  Mistress X has imagination, common sense, knows Her business, and takes real pleasure in training Her subs--the sound of Her giggle as She prepares the next torment for me is etched in my psyche.  i have to add too that the photographs on Her site do not do Her justice; She is drop-dead gorgeous and knows how to dress up to show off Her assets to best advantage while considering Her sub’s fetishes.

Our first session almost didn’t happen.  Unfamiliar with the correct protocol for seeking a Mistress’s favors, and misled by some abortive online contacts with an alleged ProDomme, i made the mistake of contacting Mistress X and several other Dominas simultaneously, forwarding a rather over-elaborate questionnaire.  While this amused Her, Mistress X became suspicious of my bona fides because news reached Her through the Domina grapevine of my multiple contacts and because my nom de kink is apparently not uncommon.  i was however able to convince Mistress Reese that i was not a poseur or wanker, and She graciously consented to admit me to Her presence for a consultation and training session. i approached Mistress Reese’s playspace with both anticipation and anxiety, the necessary but elaborate security procedures involved in getting directions to it adding a touch of clandestine adventure.

i was scarcely prepared for what i was to see when the nondescript door opened.  Behind the door was Mistress X, Whose beauty is ill-conveyed by the photographs on Her website.  The space was small but well-furnished, with some comfortable chairs and a side table, a bondage table, a Saint Andrew’s Cross, a rack of varied whips, floggers, and other impact toys, a bondage horse, and several cabinets containing exotic devices.  As Mistress and i had spent some time discussing my interests online, Our pre-session discussion (not counted toward session time) was perhaps not strictly necessary but served to underscore the rules of engagement (Mistress X is a professional and the boundaries between Domina and submissive must be respected), to reaffirm my limits, to familiarize o/Ourselves with one another (Mistress has a fascinating backstory and civilian life), and fix the safeword (which i won’t share here but is easy to remember).  The preliminaries concluded, it was time to subordinate my will to Hers and to put my body at Her disposal.

At Her command i undressed.  Although Mistress X has every toy one could hope for, i had brought my own collar and leash and obediently put it on.  She led me about the room on all fours and commanded me to bark like the puppy i am.  After a bit of that i was made to stand at the St. Andrew’s Cross, where She bound me with wrist cuffs and then expertly bound my penis and scrotum with long bootlaces.  They made a pretty picture but soon i was blindfolded.  Mistress Reese giggles when She’s enjoying herself, and it was tantalizing to hear Her without seeing her.  During this first session--which lasted only an hour--She also indulged my smoking fetish, subjected me to a taste of the flogger, and finally gave me what i deserved: a good sodomizing with a dildo.  When it was all over (and i came like i’d never cum before) She spent a while bringing me down and helping me reenter the civilian world. Since that first session i’ve been back many times.  Although Mistress X respects Her subs’ boundaries she also pushes them, and i’ve grown in my service to Her.  i’ve come to appreciate Her expert wielding of crops, floggers, canes, and quirts, and She has introduced me to the wonders of the Magic Wand, the egg, and strap-on training.  Since meeting Her i’ve been humbled and gone parachuting.

Her beauty and skill are matched only by Her vicious imagination as She devises new scenarios and torments for me and exhibits great sartorial variety.  She has indulged my many little fetishes and encouraged me in my toymaking (i crafted my own restraints and impact toys, which She has graciously given Her expert evaluation).  At out most recent session She introduced me to Her Apprentice, Miss Devon.  They were both clad in exquisite latex and double-teamed me.  Being flogged by two Dominas is an experience one can’t forget.  We also played “guess the Domme” while i was blindfolded and when i couldn’t tell Who had touched me i was punished with a good slap on the face.  Strapped down helpless on the horse, i became an instructional object as Miss Devon subjected me to the rogering i deserved while Mistress X gave Her a lesson on male rectal anatomy.  The session culminated in my first-ever golden shower, Mistress X releasing a seemingly endless flow of warm nectar over me while i alternated my gaze between Her luscious underside and Miss Devon’s stoic face. Mistress Reese is a consummate Domina, and She will quickly come to know you better than you know yourself.

Treat Her with the respect and honor She deserves and you will be richly rewarded.  Be clean, be on time, obey Her commands, request Her permission to speak or to touch, and She will bring you to the gates of ecstasy.  Although you are only required to offer tribute, Mistress X does gracious accept gifts, and it pays to find out what She wants and to willingly give it to Her. i have sometimes been an uppity sub, but Mistress X has been indulgent of my derelictions because when i session i belong totally to Her, and She knows exactly how to chastise me for my transgressions.  If you’ve never been with a Domina or you are not having the experience you need, you owe it to yourself (and Her) to submit to Mistress X.  You will not regret it

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